Work with The Best

The market has calmed down and is returning to what is “normal,” which is a GOOD thing! Buyers now are under stricter guidelines than ever before, and that benefits you, the Seller. Having a Realtor who knows the market, knows the “faux” pre-approval letters, can sift through the serious and not-so-serious Buyers ensures that your sale will be as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

I’ve been a Seller – I know the drill. In your mind, you may be thinking some of the following:

• This is my largest financial asset
• I don’t want to sell myself short
• I want to maximize the value of my home because the proceeds need to get me into my new home
• I want my “this-person-knows-what-she’s-talking-about” feeling
• Will the listing agent “list-and-leave-me?”

And there can/may be more. The point is, I get it. Some things I know are important to you:

• That I know your home inside and out
• That I am knowledgeable about the market
• I will explain how your home will fit into what is happening in the market
• I will maximize the exposure of your home to gain maximum value
• If there are challenges or bumps, that I will smooth them out with the least amount of disruption to your life

You also may want to know how I’m different from all of the other agents…what I’m going to do in order to get your home sold. I know it’s important to you that you can trust me. I do not take that lightly!

My goals are simple: Understand, Educate, Communicate, Exceed and Deliver.

Understanding where you are. Every situation and circumstance is different – I make it a point to understand exactly where you are and what your goals are.

Educating you to changes the laws and contracts, as well as keeping you apprised of current market conditions, Buyer mentality and the best listing strategies to ensure success.

Communication is paramount! In whatever forum – phone, e-mail, text – having an open line of communication is key. Straightforward, honest and direct…I will always communicate so there is a consistent dialogue and rapport.

Exceeding your expectations . The expectations I have for myself are extremely high – I will not waiver in delivering the absolute best, every time.

Delivering results. I do what I say I’m going to do. I expect the “other side” (Buyers and their agent) to do the same. I will become as involved as I need to be, sometimes doing the job of both agents, to ensure everything is on track.