Alina S.

We went looking at open houses on a whim (though we’d been thinking for awhile about purchasing property) one weekend, and saw a house that we REALLY liked. In a rush to find a skilled real estate agent, we found Brooke by way of strong recommendation from friends who had done a TON of research and who had had a very positive experience buying their home with Brooke’s help and guidance. Before we even met Brooke in person, she was already responding at length to our questions via email because we needed to get our financial paperwork together and put our offer in ASAP. Within the span of 5 short days, Brooke took us from seeing our potential home to winning the bid. We were terrified but felt SO well taken care of by Brooke, always feeling that she absolutely had our best interests in mind.

As we went through Escrow, she guided us through all the paperwork and made it all understandable to us, which is quite an accomplishment for anyone who knows what buying a home is like. She is also incredibly knowledgeable about structural and legal issues, and she has a great eye for aesthetics. We were incredibly impressed with her level of knowledge and her passion for integrity in her field. We always felt like she listened to all our concerns, addressed them thoroughly, and she worked INCREDIBLY hard to help everything happen as smoothly as possible. She would answer our emails late at night, early in the morning, and even after we had already settled into our home, whenever we had questions she was still always there for us. We had some trouble with our Homeowners Insurance and she went to bat for us to make sure that the company took care of us in a proper and timely manner. She is the best advocate and guide for anyone looking to buy a home. We recommend her to all our friends!!!

— Alina S.