Katy M.

Brooke is an amazing person and a knowledgeable, dedicated real estate agent. When you work with Brooke, she becomes your advocate, your advisor, your champion, and your most valuable resource. As a first time buyer, I had no idea what I was getting into. Brooke supported me through the property evaluation process, the logistics of escrow, a major remodel, and relocation as well as providing emotional support and guidance on how to handle the ups and downs of all the challenges I encountered. I trust her completely.

Brooke recommended a wonderful mortgage company, facilitated communications with a difficult bank and a less-than-stellar escrow company, and has a stable full of trusted vendors that provide everything from painting to plumbing. She knew the answer to all my questions about everything from Homeowners Associations to property taxes and termites, and when I requested a resource she didn’t have in her pocket, she went out and found one for me.

Brooke knows every aspect of the business backwards and forwards and took the time to listen to what I really wanted. She worked hard on my behalf before, during and after the purchase and was always available and incredibly responsive to text, emails, and phone calls. Brooke is still my go-to person 3 months after escrow closed and nearly 2 months after moving in at the completion of the remodel. Her enthusiasm for the work she does is contagious and she makes what can be an arduous process downright fun.

I cannot recommend Brooke highly enough – you really must experience her brilliance for yourself. Call her; work with her; love her. You won’t be disappointed!

— Katy M.